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Manage Cluster Workload Visibility

a. Clusters view
Navigate to the cluster screen by going into the resource menu and selecting “Clusters”.
All available clusters will be displayed along with their status:
b. Cluster Overview
Click on “View” to access the cluster overview screen which should look something like this:
c. Namespace view
Select the “Namespace” tab for insights across every namespace with an option to edit the YAML.
d. Node view
e. Event view
f. Workload visibility
g. Configurations
h. Networks view
i. Insights on Storage
j. Access view
k. Advanced view for Kubernetes resources and agent executions
l. Filters for better visibility
For refining the results, a filter is available for segregating data based on namespace.
m. Edit cluster
The selected cluster can be edited as well by clicking on “Edit cluster”, selecting the environment and enabling or disabling a few features as you see fit.