Ozone Backstage Plugin


Welcome to the ozone plugin!


  1. 1.
    Generate the service account token
    Create a role for your service account with the following permissions
    • Applications.List
    • Applications.Get
    • Pipelines.List
    • Pipelines.Get
    • Pipelines.Execute
    • Releases.List
    • Releases.Get
    • Releases.Execute
    • PipelineRun.List
    • PipelineRun.Get
    • ReleaseRun.List
    • ReleaseRun.Get
    • Registries.List
    • Registries.Get
    • Repositories.List
    • Repositories.Get
Create Role
Create a Service Account token From the ozone website, click on the Account Management on the sidebar and navigate to the Service Account token tab, Click on the Create Service Account button and choose the above created role, this will create a token.
Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 12 34 17 PM
Creating a Token
Use the token generated in your backstage configuration
Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 12 36 00 PM
Generated Token
  1. 2.
    Add the dependency for ozone plugin
# From your Backstage root directory
yarn add --cwd packages/app @ozonecloud/plugin-ozone
  1. 3.
    Add proxy config
use the following proxy format to expose your api token
### Example for how to add a proxy endpoint for the frontend.
### A typical reason to do this is to handle HTTPS and CORS for internal services.
# '/test':
# target: 'https://example.com'
# changeOrigin: true
target: '<ozone-api-url>'
'authorization': '<your auth-token>'
- x-workspace-id


PipelineRun List plugin

Add the EntityOzonePipelineRunContent extension to the entity page in your app:
// In packages/app/src/components/catalog/EntityPage.tsx
import {EntityOzonePipelineRunContent} from '@ozonecloud/plugin-ozone';
// For example in the CI/CD section
const cicdContent = (
<EntitySwitch.Case if={isozonePluginAvailable}>
<EntityOzonePipelineRunContent />
Pipeline runs list view
Detailed pipeline run view

Ozone Resource Plugin

Ozone plugin outside the catalog
  • This will be dependent on the workspace selection
  • This component will have Tabs of Microservice, Repository, Registry, pipelines
  • On click of tabs will route to the lists accordingly


Screenshot from 2023-04-19 17-06-07
Screenshot from 2023-04-19 17-06-11
Screenshot from 2023-04-19 17-06-14


  • Lists all the Builds,microservices,registry,repository for particular workspace
  • Dive into one build to see the tasks and steps
  • logs