Unified Observability and Alerting

As a platform engineer, gain visibility into K8s events, metrics & logs across any cluster that is synced to Ozone from a single dashboard

Receive critical alerts with respect to Kubernetes resources and cluster metrics broken down to the level of a pod.


  • Kubernetes events have a short time to live on clouds; making it difficult for a post-mortem analysis

  • Monitoring systems supplied by the cloud are vendor specific; integrations are not straight out of the box. Moreover, this needs to be consolidated and federated across clusters from any cloud

  • As the application and infra complexity grows, there is a need for these standard alerting templates which gets difficult to manage across different cloud contexts and solutions


  • Ozone automatically saves your K8s events from any linked cluster to its own store, there by allowing you to retain cross cloud cluster events for as long as you wish to store them

  • Ozone's event, metric and log collection and aggregation is federated by default. Just link your cluster and within a few clicks you are ready for superior monitoring and alerting

  • Manage metric alerts as a template and re-distribute them across teams for better governance

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