On Demand Workload Recovery

As a platform engineer, you can define k8s backups and have them scheduled for better on-demand resilience


  • Kubernetes backups are cluster specific and needs to be setup for every cluster from a CLI

  • Schedules are not visible across the team and neither are the status of the backups

  • Restoration workflows need be on-demand and be easily replicated, thus reducing day 2 efforts


  • Ozone lets you setup K8s backups on any cluster without the need for a CLI interface

  • Ozone lets you setup snapshots on a regular basis with a rotation limit that is customizable

  • Ozone's Restoration workflows execute within a few clicks and are subject to the clusters and environment that is project scoped, thus making it on-demand but still restrictable to a select few with the team; whichever case suits your organization better

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