Standardized Application Delivery Workflows

As a Platform Engineer, Ozone gives you the ability to standardize your CI/CD workflows into standards that any team can consume. DevOps workflows are comprised of security checks, code quality checks, performance tests, regression tests.

Combine all these into a single standard and create your own using Ozone's native pipeline and tasks catalog as a template


  • Platform engineers need to maintain CI/CD standards at scale within an organization. As the software stacks scale with the advent of microservices that use multiple stacks, there is a need to define a set of standard that fits your organization

  • Platform engineers need to be able to scale these workflows on demand, ideally across clouds and regions for a host of reasons such as costs, cloud availability, compliance

  • Platform engineers need to be able to offload as much of Day 1 and Day 2 ops to a system that makes it more on-demand for development teams


  • Ozone provides a set of workflow templates in the form of a task and a pipeline catalog that can be used to define re-usable deployment templates that can be shared across teams

  • Ozone workflows are on-demand and can run on any kubernetes clusters. As an additional check, Platform engineers can define which clusters are accessible to a team for executing the workflows

  • Ozone provides pre-deployment automation by making any steps within the CI/CD workflow completely customizable. In addition, workload visibility is enhanced through Ozone for better analysis through the build and deployment process

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