Scalable and Re-usable Workflows

Ozone gives you the ability to create customized templates of CI/CD workflows which can then be inherited by teams and app owners for better re-use and scalability of processes

Ozone supplies CI/CD pipelines and tasks out of the box. You can create custom pipelines using our templates or right from scratch and re-use it across teams.


  • Workflow Portability: Developers need to be able to run different modules of the CI/CD workflow potentially on different clusters/regions for better Mean time to Production

  • Lack of/ disorganised CI/CD Standards: Developers are in need of a well set organisational standard that is shared across teams and per application development framework

  • Wide & Polarising Ecosystem of Tools: Developers have their own choice of quality, security and performance testing tools and different collaborating teams may have their own preferences as per what their CI/CD stack should be

  • Securely Defining and Consuming Secrets: Prevention of a secret sprawl in a multi cloud scenario is a challenge and so is consumption of secrets within CI/CD workflows which can be ported across any K8s cluster on any cloud

  • Post Deploy Ops: Visibility into the app once it has gone live is a challenge as there are multiple points in the whole stack to monitor and both logical and metric health of the application needs to be taken into account


  • Ozone offers you on-demand portability of CI/CD workflows. Run your workflows on any Kubernetes cluster; a build pipeline on one and a deploy pipeline on another cluster for geographical proximity optimization, for example.

  • As a senior product engineer/platform engineer, you can define standards for your team from a list of exhaustive tasks that run natively on Kubernetes. Reduce the learning wheel for those who are less than acquainted with K8s, because not everyone needs to/can be an expert at everything

  • Natively integrate your CI/CD tools for quality, security, performance scanning and more to better orchestrate your workflow from a single pane of glass

  • Ozone handles secret management for CI/CD runtimes out-of-the-box with its own vault

  • Gain visibility into workload status, metrics, logs across the stack for any post deployment issues and reduce the human overhead of post go-live operations through Ozone's Automated Deployment Verification

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