Creating Schedules, Snapshots, and Restoring Backups

In the backups screen, select “Schedules”. All the existing schedules are displayed in this list. Click on “+ Create Schedule”.

a. Create backup schedule

Select the cluster, backup provider, frequency, and a specific time for the backup to be scheduled. Give it a name and click on save.

The new schedule will now be visible in the schedules screen. You can filter the schedules based on frequency, status and date range for ease of access.

b. Create instant snapshot

Toggle to “Snapshots” on the backups screen to view all the schedules that have been created. The cluster name, the last updated time and their status is shown along with options to abort, restore or even retry a failed snapshot creation.

Click on “+ Create Instant Snapshot” and select the cluster, namespaces, Minio provider, and give a name for the snapshot before saving the same. The newly added snapshot should be visible in the snapshots list.

Snapshots can be filtered based on either their names, status, or the date range for ease of access.

c. Restored snapshots

In this screen, you can view all the backups that are restored, retry a failed restores, or abort currently restores that are currently running.

To restore a backup, select "Snapshots" and click on “Restore” to bring back the backup.

Multiple options can be selected.

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