Incremental Rollout Strategies

There are two ways of executing rollout strategies on Ozone. One is by using the pipeline template for a specific rollout strategy. Second is to build a new pipeline template for your specific requirements.

a. Incremental rollout with pipeline templates: The platform comes with pre-defined pipeline templates for executing incremental rollout strategies like blue-green and canary releases. Proceed to the “Pipeline Templates” screen and search for the required template.

You can either view the tasks and YAML within the pipeline, or run it directly from here by clicking “Run” and mapping the application, repositories, and environments to the pipeline run. You can also customize the pipeline template by cloning it and adding/removing the tasks in the pipeline studio.

b. Creating a pipeline template for incremental rollouts on the Ozone Pipeline Studio: You can also start from scratch and create your own pipeline by clicking on the “+ New Pipeline” in the above screen. This takes you to the Pipeline studio.

Once you have added all the preceding tasks from the task catalogue, search for and add a task for the required deployment strategy. This is how adding a task for Canary release looks like:

And the same steps can be followed for configuring a CI/CD pipeline for blue-green deployments:

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