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Attach any Kubernetes Cluster

To attach a cluster, you will need to first proceed to the cluster view screen by navigating to resources and selecting clusters.
a. Cluster view screen
The screen lists all the available clusters in that project with an option to view the cluster metrics, edit cluster features, or remove the cluster from Ozone. Click on “Attach”.
b. Add cluster details
Add details like the name of the cluster, it’s environment, and the features that you would like to enable for the new cluster. Click on “Next”.
c. Connect cluster
Select the type of cluster that you would like to connect. Supported cluster types include EKS, GKE, AKS, OpenShift, PKS, TKG, or any generic Kubernetes cluster (for local clusters).
Download and run the YAML file in your cluster to install Ozone and its agents. Once done, the cluster list gets automatically updated with the new one.