Using out-of-the-box Pipeline Templates

We shall be first looking at running a pipeline from the templates that are provided out of the box. Following this, we will look at the Ozone Pipeline Studio for creating and running a new pipeline.

a. Pipeline Templates Overview

Click on “Pipeline Templates” from the left menu and the templates overview screen is displayed. Navigate through the list of the pre-loaded pipeline templates to select the one that you would like to run.

You can click on “View” to have a look at the task configurations of the pipeline.

b. Pipeline View

Selecting “See Steps” takes you into a granular view of the steps involved inside of that particular task.

Click “Run” on the desired pipeline template from the previous template view screen to run the pipeline.

c. Add Pipeline Run Parameters

Select the environment, cluster, Microservice, and Timeout value for the pipeline run.

Next, add the repository branch, and select the image tag that is needed. You can pick the latest commit as well. Add yaml_string and select “Run”.

d. Pipeline Run View and Details

The screen shows all the pipeline runs that have been executed along with their respective statuses. To see a more detailed view of the pipeline run, click on “View”.

The status of each task is displayed and colour coded with grey of pending, green for success, and red for failed.

To get more details on the pipeline run, select “Run Details”.

An overview along with input parameters and the pipeline run results can be viewed here.

e. Abort Pipeline run

The pipeline run can be halted from the pipelines run view screen by clicking on “Abort”. You can either choose to Dismiss it or you can click on "Yes Abort"

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