User Guide

Creating a new pipeline on the Ozone Pipeline Studio

From the pipeline templates view, click on the “+ New Pipeline” button.
a. Add Pipeline Details
Add a name for the pipeline, select an optional rollback pipeline and enter a pipeline description. Click on “Add Tasks” to proceed.
b. The Ozone Task Catalogue
You will be presented with a panel on the right that consists of all the 100+ task templates shipped right out-of-the-box. Select the category of task like build, test, scan, etc from the first column and the subsequent task template that you would like to add.
c. Drag-and-Drop Tasks
Once the required tasks are selected and placed by dragging and dropping them, connect them to one another in sequence of parallel as per your requirement.
d. Map Input - Output Parameters
Pick a task result from the previous task and map it as an input to the next one. This has to be done as and how two tasks are being connected in the flow of the pipeline.
e. Final Pipeline View - Visual and YAML
Once you finish configuring the pipeline, this is how it looks.
You can toggle between the visual and YAML view in case you need to look at the pipeline code.
f. Save Pipeline Template
Once done, click on “Complete Setup”, review the input/output parameters once again and finally hit the “Save Pipeline Template”. You will then be redirected back to the pipelines screen where the pipeline template you just created will be visible.