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Creating a Microservice

a. Add New Microservice
From the left-hand menu, selecting “Microservices” takes you to the microservices library where you can view all your existing microservices.
Click on “+ New Microservice” to add a new one. You have an option to create a custom or a Helm Microservice. We will be creating a custom microservice for this onboarding guide. Read creating a Helm microservice for more details.
b. Add General Details
Enter the name and description of your microservice and select the environment for this application from the drop-down that shows a list of available environments. Click on “Next Step”.
c. Add Deployment Details
Enter the deployment name, replicas, container port, registry and repository details before hitting on next.
d. Add Service Details
Add service details to the Microservice and click on “Submit”. Once the Microservice is created, it should be visible in the Microservices screen.