Attaching Clusters

a. Resources > Cluster

Click on the “Resources” tab from the left-hand menu and select the clusters

b. Attach New Cluster

The screen updates to a list view showing available clusters. You can import or manually sync clusters from here. Click on “Attach” to link your cluster on Ozone.

c. Cluster Setup

Give a name to your cluster and select the type (GKE, AKS, TKG, etc). In case of a generic or local cluster, just select “K8s cluster” from the drop-down menu. Choose if the cluster is private or otherwise and click on “Download File”.

This downloads a yaml file with the cluster name that you would need to run on your cluster which proceeds to install Ozone components (agents).

d. Cluster Configuration

After successful installation, the screen on the platform should update to the one shown above. Select the environment that you want to map it to and enable the feature components that you would like to install on the cluster.

Your new cluster should now be visible in the cluster list view screen that was shown in the beginning of this process.

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