Adding a Repository

a. Adding a Repository

Click on the “Resources” tab from the left-hand menu. Select the Repositories

All available providers are listed on the screen. Click “Attach new Repository” which is at the top-tight.

Select the “Source Code” of your choice from the list and click on the provider with whom your repository resides.

Enter the details required to link your provider for onboarding the repository and click “Test my Integration”. Once it passes, the repository would be listed in the repository list.

b. Import your Repository

Another quick way to use your repository is to import it from any of your projects on Ozone. Select “Repositories” from the resources tab.

Click on “Import”. The screen updates to show all the existing repositories that are linked across your projects on Ozone. Select the one that you want to link.

Select the relevant repository that needs to be added to a specific project and click on “Send Request”. The previous screen should now reflect the newly added repository.

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