The Ozone Dashboard

Ozone offers the most simplest and meaningful dashboard available on a DevOps platform. Usually, widgets, windows, and tabs would need to be added into the dashboard under the pretext of “customization”, until which no information would be displayed.

However, Ozone dashboard is the first screen that would be visible with meaningful insights to users as soon as they login and covers the following:

  1. Project setup

  2. DORA

  3. Deployments

  4. Cluster insights

  5. Microservices overview

  6. Pipeline and task runs

Based on the project that is selected, the dashboard has a widget that shows the project completion status along with setup tasks that are pending to be completed.

A snapshot of total number of deployments, rollbacks, failure rates, and commits/pull requests are mentioned in the top row. Below, detailed DORA metrics are visually represented.

Filters for deployments, microservices, and clusters enable users to view specific project insights.

Toggling to “Deployments” updates the screen to give you a detailed real-time overview of all your deployments.

A set of filters lets you select between deployments, runtime, clusters, status, and namespace for accurate reporting. A snapshot in the form of total deployments is mentioned in the top row followed by the live pipeline status and the related visuals below.

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