Setup Alerts and Notifications

Alerts and notifications can be set up to facilitate post-deployment automations. Ozone supports alert creation for the following cluster events:

a. Create event notifications

Navigate to “Settings” from the left side-bar and select the tab “Notifications”. You will see a list view of the current notifications. You can create “Event Notifications” or “Custom Alerts” from here. To create notifications for cluster events, select the events notifications tab and click on “New Custom Alert”.

Enter details like the alert message, description, specific cluster events, duration, severity, the channel to receive the notification, and finally the cluster against which the alert has to be mapped against.

The severity can be selected from “critical, warning, none, and info”, while the notification channels supported are email, Slack, and in-app (within the Ozone platform).

Once you click on “Create”, the new cluster notification should be visible in the event notification tab.

b. Create custom alerts

In the same settings screen, select the tab “Custom Alert”. All the existing custom alerts are displayed in this list.

Click on “New Custom Alert” and enter the alert message, alert from QL, the duration, severity, alert channel, and the cluster name against which this alert has to be mapped to.

Selecting “Create” will save the alert and will be visible in the custom alert list view screen.

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