Workload Visibility


Ozone gives you the ability to observe workloads across any cluster that is synced to Ozone. This gives you a unified monitoring dashboard for frictionless visibility. Observe all your workloads through a single pane of glass without the need for a cli and multiple user interfaces.
The salient features for workload visibility are as follows:
Observe status and information of Kubernetes resources on a given cluster:
  • Status of namespaces
  • Kubernetes events trail
  • Workloads Information and Status (Pods, Daemonsets, Deployments, Statefulsets, Jobs, CronJobs)
  • Manage configurations of the cluster (config map, horizontal pod autoscaler, resource quotas)
  • Observe status of storage resources
  • Observe network resources information and status
  • Status of Kubernetes Storage Resources
Single Pane of Glass for Cluster Metrics and Logs
Visualise critical metrics such as CPU pressure, Memory Pressure etc of clusters and view compute utilisation across pods and namespaces on a singular dashboard.
Kubernetes Event Alerting
Setup alerts for Kubernetes events across any cluster that is synced to Ozone for greater cross cloud visibility and longer event persistence.

Video Summary

For a quick understanding of how to setup monitoring on your cluster using Ozone within minutes, check the following video:
Multi cluster monitoring