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Setting up Environments

What are environments and how do they help
I just signed up. Why do I see a few environments configured?
Ozone bootstraps a few environments by default. They are as follows
  • Dev
  • Staging
  • Production (Categorised as a production environment type)

Why do I need to set an environment up?

Environments are logical groupings to cater to Variables, Applications and Clusters bindings. A single environment maps to a single cluster and can contain environment specific values for variables.
An application can then be deployed to any of these environments, with auto-injection of variables for that environment during deployment workflows

How do I set it up?

  • Navigate to Resources in the sidebad
  • Click on Environments
  • Click on +New Environment
  • Give your environment a name (for example dev-front-end)
  • Mark it as production or non-production environment
  • Save the environment
Flow Summary
Ozone creates a mapping to each environment for every variable that you define within ozone. Imagine a scenario where a Database credential varies per environment since there are multiple instances, ie, one for each environment.
Thus, you can have multiple values for variables across environments and hence re-usable pipeline definitions