Setting up a Workload for Cross Cloud Delivery

Creating a Custom Microservice

An application in the context of Ozone is a microservice that is mapped to a repository, a registry or a helm chart.
By creating applications, you can deploy the microservice for both public and private access through a workflow with in-built secret management.


  • You should have synced a source control repository from the ecosystem integrations
  • You should have synced a registry that Ozone can push to and pull from from the ecosystem integrations
  • You should have a cluster synced to ozone with Helm and Tekton enabled from the cluster settings at the very least

How do I set it up a custom microservice?

  • Navigate to Microservices on the side bar
  • Click on +New Microservice
  • Select the Custom Application type
  • Enter the name, description and the environments this microservice has access to
  • Select a repository from the available providers within the current project to pull the code from
    • If this is a pure container image, disable the CI option and Ozone will orchestrate just the CD flows
  • Enter the dockerfile location relative to the root of the repository structure
  • Select the namespace that the application will be deployed to on any given cluster
  • Expose the service suitably from the given options
    • Supported options are ClusterIP, Nodeport, Loadbalancer and Ingress
  • Map the registry to push this application to
  • Select how you would like to expose this service (Nodeport, Load Balancer, Cluster IP, Ingress)
Creating a microservice for deployments

Creating a Helm Microservice

A Helm Application is one that is typically provided by third party vendors to your organization and you are using a helm chart to deploy it to any given Kubernetes Cluster


  • You should have enabled Helm for the target clusters that you would like to deploy to.
  • You must have at least one public or private helm channel linked to Ozone

How do I setup a Helm Application?

  • Navigate to Applications
  • Click on +CREATE
  • Select Helm Application as the type to create
  • Select the Helm Chart that you would like this app to represent
  • Click on SUBMIT to save the application
  • You can now create Helm Releases for each application