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Infrastructure Requirements for On-Premise Installations

This section is primarily for those who are interested self hosted Ozone installations

Kubernetes Cluster Requirements for Ozone's Control Plane

Minimum Requirement
v1.1.18 and above
v1.1.20 and above
Nodes - Worker
3 nodes
5 nodes
Nodes - Master
3 nodes
Worker node vCPU
8 per node
8 GB per node
Worker node RAM
16 GB per node
16 GB per node
Master node vCPU
2 per node
4 per node
Master node RAM
8 GB per node
8 GB per node
Disk Storage
1500 GB
1500 GB

Network Requirements

URLs to be whitelisted with access to the internet:
  • gcr.io
  • asia.gcr.io
  • storage.googleapis.com
SSL certificates are required for the following subdomains:
  • ozone
  • grafana-ozone
If you would like Ozone's Support team to help you install Ozone on-premise, we will require the following remote access requirements:
  • VPN access with Jump server (Ubuntu)
  • Administrator access of Jump Server VM
  • Access to Ozone’s Control Plane K8s cluster (root credentials)
The following namespaces require access to whitelisted URLs and intra-namespace communication:
  • cert-manager
  • default
  • elastic
  • fluentbit
  • kong
  • kserve
  • loki
  • minio
  • mongo
  • mysql
  • nats
  • ozone-control-plane
  • ozone-crm
  • ozone-workloads
  • redis
  • thanos
  • vault
  • velero