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How do I register and deploy an application? I'd like to understand the basics and then investigate the rest of the features that Ozone offers as a VSDP
This section covers the bare minimum that is required to achieve an Application Deployment through Ozone. You will need one repository integration, one registry integration and one Kubernetes Cluster to achieve an application deployment.
For the ease of a new user, the following resources and logical constructs are bootstrapped:
  • Projects: A default project to map members and CI/CD resources
  • Environments: We bootstrap 3 environments: dev, staging and production
  • Pipelines: We bootstrap a few pipelines per application. You are free to create and link app pipelines as per your organisation's use cases.

Register a Repository Provider

The following steps show how a github provider is registered and synced to Ozone. The process for other repository providers are similar.
Github registration and sync

Register a Registry Provider

The following steps show how an instance of Harbor is registered and synced to Ozone. The process for other registry providers are similar.
Harbor Registration and Sync of Registries

Register a Cloud Infra Provider

The following steps show how an instance of AWS is registered and synced to Ozone.
Syncing resources from AWS
Syncing a cloud provider also imports the registries that are part of that account instance and accessible by the third party policies on the account

Create a cluster

In case your cloud account does not have a cluster, you may choose to do so from Ozone's UI. Follow the steps below once you've setup a cloud provider to create a cluster
Create a cloud cluster from Ozone

Attach a cluster

For K8s that are located on-premise, you may choose to attach the cluster manually. This process installs the agents needed for communication to Ozone's control
Attaching a cluster manually for CI/CD

Create an Application

To create an application for CI/CD, follow the following steps
Creating an application for deployment to Clusters

Execute Application Delivery Pipelines

This section shows how you can deploy a demo docker application to any K8s cluster
Executing a pipeline for application deployments