Scheduling a Workload Backup


Backup schedules create snapshot(s) on a selected storage instance. You may then choose to restore these backup snapshots to any other cluster on-demand. You have the ability to schedule backups at the level of a namespace within a cluster.
Ozone backs up all of the Kubernetes resources into an instance of storage. We currently support minio instances for storing backup snapshots. Integrations with other cloud storage options are in the roadmap and coming soon.
It is strongly recommended to create your storage on a cluster dedicated for backups, preferably in a separate region for better redundancy.


  • You must have a minio provider setup for storing snapshots.
  • You must have enabled backups on the cluster
    • To do so, navigate to Resources -> Clusters -> Edit -> Enable Backups
  • You must have at least one namespace on the Cluster that you would like to backup.

Creating a Backup Schedule

  • Navigate to Backups
  • Click on +Create Schedule
  • Select the type of schedule that you would like to set. Supported options are as follows
    • Hourly: Runs on the Xth Minute of every hour
    • Daily: Runs at a specified time, daily
    • Weekly: Runs on a given day at the specified time
  • Select the namespace(s) that you would like to backup
  • Click on Save
  • You should now have backups scheduled at the desired interval, and they are displayed in the schedule list view.