App of App releases

How do i chain microservices to go live together?
Use Ozone's Releases for combining pipelines and approvals as release stages across multiple microservices and environments.
This helps you achieve a unified release workflow for squads that are focused on a set of microservices that they deploy and maintain.

Optional Pre-requisites

Setting up Release Templates

  • Navigate to Releases Templates
  • Click on +New Release template
  • Add the approval and pipeline steps as needed to the canvas
  • Add connectors to map results between nodes
  • Finally, map the orphaned input parameters at the end
    • This is an optional step, leaving them empty will imply that they are supplied at runtime.
Ozone supports three kinds of release execution triggers
  • Release runs triggered from Ozone's UI
  • Release runs that are scheduled by the user
  • Release runs that are triggered by external systems and events

Triggering a Release from Ozone's UI

  • Navigate to Releases on the sidebar
  • Click on "Initiate Release Run"
  • Enter the input parameters
    • This step is required if there are no parameters that are mapped
    • You may also override the pre-mapped values with your own variables/inputs
  • Click on "Run"
  • The release executions are visible in the "Releases" Section with its status
  • You may choose to monitor the status of each node within the release by clicking on "View"