Audit Trails

With audit trials on Ozone, you can track all the changes made to your resources by the account and project members. Here’s a scope of all the resources, the changes to which can be tracked on Ozone’s audit trails:

  1. Projects

  2. Pipeline templates

  3. Pipeline runs

  4. Release templates

  5. Release runs

  6. Tasks

  7. Task runs

  8. Providers

  9. Registry

  10. Repository

  11. Cluster

  12. Variables

  13. Environments

  14. Roles

  15. Triggers (schedules & webhooks)

  16. Helm channels

  17. Helm releases

All changes about CRUD (create, read, update, delete) and executions for the above resources can be tracked on the audit trials. To access it on Ozone, Select “Settings” from the left menu to open up the account screen, select "Team Management" and then click on ""

Clicking audit trails opens up all the audit logs with an option to download the report.

Select the entries that you’re interested in, or simply hit “Download” to access all the records offline on your local system.

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