What are projects? Why do I need them? How do i benefit?

Group CI/CD Resources and team members for better governance of your CI/CD workflow and ecosystem

Projects are a way to create a window from the UI based on which member is accessing which project. Lets imagine a scenario where there are two teams which collaborate but work on different aspects of the code. A typical scenario would be a set of squads which handles a bunch of microservices but typically deploy as a whole for a feature release

Fundamentally, the owners of this application must have complete control with just the right amount of read access to address any technical issues found during the time of CI. With ozone, you have the ability to have different RBAC permissions set for the same user and map just the right amount of infra resources for that particular team.

This ensures greater visibility at a granular level for both product and platform engineers who are involved in the CI/CD workflows enabling smooth coordination and greater access control to environments and app deployments without loss of visibility of essential pre and post deployment metrics and information

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