In House Applications

What is the concept of an In House Application? What does Ozone let me do with an In House Application?


Applications can be broadly divided in to those that are custom built by in-house development teams and those that are packaged by third party vendors.

The main difference is typically that CI (packaging, quality and security checks) of in-house applications is handled by internal teams. In the case of COTS applications, your organisation is typically concerned with pure deployment of those packages on an infrastructure that is suited and managed by you.

An in-house application maps to one repository on an version control system

What does Ozone provide in the context of in-house applications?

With Ozone, you have pre-packaged tasks and pipelines to manage and enforce CI/CD standards across multiple frameworks and projects.

Whats next?

  • As a platform engineer, you may choose to define CI/CD workflow standards that are templated

  • As a product engineer, you may trigger pipelines and releases either manually or through git events on your version control system

  • As a security engineer, you can integrate your security scans with gated approvals within pipelines. Choose from our pre-packaged catalog or create your own custom tasks!

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