COTS Applications

What are COTS applications in Ozone's context? What does ozone provide to manage the lifecycle of COTS applications?


Many organizations typically source applications that are generic and suited to a generic use case. This could be on the lines of a core-banking application (such as Finnacle) or even a self-hosted version of wordpress.

The CI of these applications is typically the responsibility of the third party supplier. In addition, the complexities arise in terms of how they choose to ship the packages to you for your perusal. The most common channels of package shipping are:

  • Helm

  • Private Image Registry

What does Ozone provide in the context of COTS applications

Ozone is quite flexible in terms of which part of the Software delivery workflow you would like to focus on. In the case of COTS applications, CI is typically done by the third party vendor and you can perform CD through Ozone. There are a few paths that ozone provides for CD in the context of Helm charts and images that are supplied privately.

  • Create a helm application that helps you manage the state of the workload (Applications -> Helm Applications)

  • Create a custom application that listens to a image registry and use it purely for CD

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