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Ozone Identity Management

Connect an SSO

Click on “Account Management” from the left hand menu and select “Team Management”.
Under the “Account Members” tab, you will see various options to connect an SSO to invite your organisation to the project along with a list of added account members.

Connect Azure AD

Select the Azure AD option and enter details like your client ID, secret, tenant and subscription ID.
Click next to connect Azure AD.

Connect GSuite

Select the Google GSuite option and enter details like your access type, client ID and client secrets.
Click next to connect GSuite.

Connect LADP

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Invite Members Manually

Team members can also be added manually by sending them an invite to join your account on Ozone. It can be done in two ways: Either select “+ Add Member” on the top right corner, or select the “Manual Invite” option from the Account Members screen.
Add their email ID, verify that the selected project is correct, and assign them the relevant roles from the drop-down. Refer managing roles for more info. Selecting “Send invite” sends and email with a unique link to create and join the account on Ozone.
Status of all invites can be viewed in the account management screen.

Importing Members to Project

In the Account Management menu, select Team Management and open the Project Members tab.
Click on “+ Add Members”, select the members from the drop-down and save. The selected members are added into the project.
The roles and admin changes can be done in this very screen by selecting the options from the roles dropdown.