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Pre-requisites & Setup
What do i need to have a licensed account of Ozone? What are the infrastructure requirements for an on-premise installation? What do I need to have to get started with Ozone?

Setup a trial account

To setup a trial account on Ozone Sandbox, click here

Setup an On-Premise instance

To setup an instance of Ozone on premise, contact us!

Infrastructure Pre-requisites

It is recommended that Ozone is installed in a cluster that is not used by other workloads.
For installation on a shared cluster, it is recommended that Ozone’s support team validates the cluster state and readiness to ensure a smooth installation and prevent any unwanted interference between shared K8s Resources.

Kubernetes Cluster Requirements for Ozone's Control Plane

Minimum Requirement
v1.1.18 and above
v1.1.20 and above
Nodes - Worker
3 nodes
5 nodes
Nodes - Master
3 nodes
Worker node vCPU
8 per node
8 GB per node
Worker node RAM
16 GB per node
16 GB per node
Master node vCPU
2 per node
4 per node
Master node RAM
8 GB per node
8 GB per node
Disk Storage
1500 GB
1500 GB

Network Requirements

URLs to be whitelisted with access to the internet:
SSL certificates are required for the following subdomains:
  • ozone
  • grafana-ozone
If you would like Ozone's Support team to help you install Ozone on-premise, we will require the following remote access requirements:
  • VPN access with Jump server (Ubuntu)
  • Administrator access of Jump Server VM
  • Access to Ozone’s Control Plane K8s cluster (root credentials)
The following namespaces require access to whitelisted URLs and intra-namespace communication:
  • cert-manager
  • default
  • elastic
  • fluentbit
  • kong
  • kserve
  • loki
  • minio
  • mongo
  • mysql
  • nats
  • ozone-control-plane
  • ozone-crm
  • ozone-workloads
  • redis
  • thanos
  • vault
  • velero
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Setup a trial account
Setup an On-Premise instance
Infrastructure Pre-requisites